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James Sinclair

CEO of Partyman. Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Network. Renowned Business Speaker.

Having started his business straight out of school at age 15, James Sinclair has gone on to build a business empire spanning industries including entertainment, leisure and business training.

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  • James speaks from a place of passion and experience. He’s built a fast- growth, profitable bricks-and-mortar business and a dynamic team culture. His talks are fast paced, funny, irreverent and packed with value. Daniel Priestley - Dent

  • Having seen James speak alongside Lord Alan Sugar, the only way I can describe his talk is the best business presentation I’ve ever seen, crossed with a stand up comedy routine. Nick James - Seriously Fun Business

  • Who the bloody hell was that? I’m talking of course about James Sinclair. He was absolutely brilliant and very entertaining… it was brilliant, informative and enjoyable, Great job! Bob Mullard - Triform

  • “Finally advice from someone who walks the walk! If you're looking for a speaker who will entertain and educate in equal measure, James is your man.” Siam Kidd - The Realistic Trader

James Sinclair. The Speaker.

The UK's Most Entertaining Business Speaker.

Jimbo has a unique style of speaking, very at ease on a stage, his energy and passion for business oozes and excites the audience whilst engaging with every business owner in the room.

Along the way to his £10M turnover business he has produced a set of practical rules that apply to any aspiring entrepreneur from start up to multi-million pound operation, and he shares these willingly with his audience in a way that grips the audience from start to finish.

Unlock the perils of employing staff, work out what it is you need to be doing each day in the running of your business, how Jimbo’s failed limo business provided the biggest lessons in life.


Interested in having James speak at your next event?

Get in touch with James' team using the details below for details on Jame's availabililty and prices.

Entrepreneurs Network, 4 Mouldings Green
Kenilworth Road, Meriden CV7 7LJ.

Tel: 0121 272 1212

James Sinclair. The Property Course

The UK's Most Entertaining Business Speaker.

Join James for a fabulous day into property investing.
James will go through residential property, commercial property, how to buy property at the low market value.

We will learn how to get maximum rental yield from our investments and why this is more important than capital growth.

Where to buy.
How to manage from a hands off approach.
How to Finance.
How to build a credible wealth plan using property.

Foundations - The A-Z of Entrepreneurial Success

Have you ever wanted to grow your business faster than ever before? Come and learn James' rules for building a commercially profitable enterprise.

You'll find out how to get more from your team, more time freedom and the strategies and tactics to be ON your business not IN your business.

This is James Sinclair's 'crash course' for business success where he'll be sharing the fundamental strategies that he's used to build the Partyman Group from ZERO to £10million and employing over 400 staff.